Have you been feeling sad, unmotivated, or are you having problems concentrating and getting things done? You may be dealing with depression. The National Mental Health Association has a helpful website called Depression Screening, describing the symptoms of depression and its treatment. There is also a free and confidential depression screening test.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Are you worried that a loved one may have problems with drugs or alcohol? There are some assessments:

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Stress is our body’s physical, mental, and chemical way of reacting to situations that frighten, excite, confuse, endanger or irritate you.

  • The cause of stress can be good or bad
  • Stress reactors may be so subdued that you may not be aware of them. Other symptoms of stress may be readily identified.
  • It’s impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of stress.
  • Stress prepares you to handle things that you are unfamiliar with, or things that appear to threaten you.

More information about stress: